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Elks facts for begginers

Poland is home to many species of wild animals, among which the elk (also called a moose) is undoubtedly one of the largest and most distinctive. This majestic creature can take your breath away with its impressive size, especially if you have a chance to see it up close. It can weigh up to 700 kg and reach a height of over 2 meters at the withers! Its long and thick fur, which protects it from frost and is very durable and elastic, while also allowing for regulating body temperature. It has a wide muzzle that enables it to eat vegetation from the bottom of the water. Thanks to it, the animal can easily sift through the bottom of water bodies looking for food in wetlands.

Elks are not only beautiful and impressive animals, but also very shy and cautious. In some periods and places, however, they can completely ignore the presence of humans nearby. It is worth the effort to see it, because such an experience is absolutely unforgettable.

Where to spot a moose in the wild?

One of the best places in Poland to admire elks is the Biebrza Marshes. It is the only region in the country where you can encounter hundreds of these giants in the wild (there are over 700 of them living there!), which constitutes one of the most numerous populations in Europe.

In winter, elks move to pine forests, where it is easier to find food, and in March and April they migrate to the marshes, where they feed on sedges and young branches.

In summer, elks live scattered, mainly on wetlands and swamps, which makes it harder to observe them. The best chances to see an elk are during the cold season – between December and April because elks are then more active and more visible. You can often see these magnificent mammals in their full glory. Unforgettable impressions guaranteed!

Biebrza marshes

An elk expedition to the Biebrza marshes – is it worth it?

The expedition to the Biebrza Marshes is a perfect choice for nature lovers who want to meet these giants in the wild. During the safari, we will drive several dozen kilometers by car and walk a few kilometers, so that we can see the most beautiful and promising places where these animals live.

Biebrza National Park is not only a place where you can see elks, but also many other wild animals, such as wolves, lynxes, beavers and birds. An experienced guide, a nature lover, will accompany you all the time, sharing his knowledge and interesting facts about the park’s wildlife.

We specialize in individual, dedicated expeditions starting directly in the vicinity of Biebrza National Park or in Warsaw, where we drive with our guests by car to the forest.

The duration of the safari is adjusted to our clients, but due to the duration of the journey it is at least a whole day from dawn to night.

moose biebrza