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Asp fishing in Poland – how to start?

Asp is probably the most dynamic predatory fish in Poland and therefore a common target of sport-fishing trips. It is a strong fish (especially in the initial phase of a fight), and is often caught in fishing spots with a strong current places, which only increases the difficulty level. If we add to this the light tackle often used for asp fishing, we get an addictive cocktail of emotions right in moment the fish is on! This is why asp is sometimes called “salmon for poors”.

The asp season in Poland begins on the same day, when we start pike fishing – May 1 and lasts until the end of the year. The best time for fishing asp is the end of spring (June) and the beginning of autumn (September and October), when asps feed intensively before winter. At this time of the year (autumn) they are also the thickest and strongest.

Asp fishing methods

Purposeful asp fishing is  being done almost only by spinning. Very few anglers can catch it effectively with a fly or live bait.

Traditionally, asp was caught with long and narrow spoons (usually with very limited vibrations and swings), that are reeled quickly in the current. Effective asp fishing actually began in the 90s, along with the increased abundance of rubber lures and wobblers, which are a faithful imitation of bleaks – the main food of asp. Even today, these lures (in various versions) constitute the vast majority of lures in anglers’ asp boxes.

Especially in summer asp often feeds spectacularly on the surface of the water, where it can be tempted with a quickly reeled surface bait (eg. poppers, walk-the-dog). I the autumn, they are often invisible on the surface, but still actively feeding in the middle of the water or near the bottom – most often in currents and channels. We can fish there with similar lures, but carried out much slower and in the lower parts of the water.

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Asp fishing spots

Typical fisheries for asp are large lowland and upland rivers – Vistula, Odra, Warta, Bug, Narew, San. Asp stay in current or near-current positions there. Typical spots are river reefs, and sand-reefs, stones in the current, dams, bands and other structures – all places, where strong current meets water obstacles that cause water turbulence.

Asp often lurks in calm current shadow zones, ready for an immediate attack for a small fish, swept by a quick current. During the feeding time asp actively penetrates the area, often hunting bleaks gathered in shoals.

Another type of asp fishery are some dam reservoirs / artificial lakes (eg Czorsztyn or Rożnów), where asps are most often caught in the vicinity of general fish stocks – often in the surface layers of water.

Both in the case of reservoirs and rivers – the selection of a place for the periodic activity of fish is of key importance. This requires regular observation of the water and fish behavior and regular drawing conclusions from these observations.

Asp fishing in Poland with a fishing guide

Purposeful catching asp in a good fishing spot can be very effective for an angler who is familiar with asp feeding habits and fishing techniques. In good times, it is not uncommon to catch several asps in one day. At the same time, for an angler just starting his adventure with asp fishing, it may seem like a ghost fish. Even after locating the perfect spot, where asps actively feed showing up on the surface, it is not uncommon for such an angler to leave the water with no touch of the fish.

This is when the help of a professional fishing guide will be invaluable. Proper selection of the lure, adjustment to the fishery and existing conditions, as well as adjustment it to the time of the day when asps actively feed –  it is all crucial for success and our professional fishing guides will take care of this, significantly increasing the chances of success and the trophy of your dreams!

Fishing tackle issues are also important. A rod, reel, line must be properly selected, but also a fast and safe boat that allows you to move on the river will increase our chances – we will be able to fish many good asp spots in a relatively short time.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in an asp expedition with Wild River.

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