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fishing guide in Poland

Fishing in Poland: Fishing guide in Poland

Fishing in Poland can be a great adventure and a possibility of spending wonderful time close to the nature and full of emotions, when a big fish is finally on!. You will have to decide on the fishing spot, method and lure adjusted to the fish of your dreams, then you have to make sure you have full set of equipment – starting from a set of lures, reel, rod, lines, up to the boat and electronics. Perhaps it might be the most  satisfying way to do it on your own from the scratch, but this would require to dedicate a lot of time and resources.

However, if you are a beginner, target a trophy fish or if you have limited time much better solution is to go fishing with professional fishing guide, who will help you catch the desired catch and let you experience an unforgettable adventure with a fishing rod in your hand!

Guided fishing trips – fish species in Poland

We primarily focus on predatory fish living in Polish waters. Usually the season starts in January from trouts in highlands and Pomeranian rivers. A while later we fish salmons, sea trouts in the Baltic sea and perch in lowlands. In May, when the water gets warmer we get back to the Baltic sea for a needle fish and the season for asp and pike starts in a fresh water, which is followed by zander and catfish in June. The summer is a freedom of choice – all fish can be targeted! The autumn is the time for big asp, pike and zander, which we fish the the year-end.

Read more about all species and book a trip with Wild River for the one interesting for you!

A fishing guide on the river in Poland: 

Wisła (Vistula), Bug, Narew and others

We invite you for unforgettable trips on the largest lowland rivers in central Poland, near Warsaw. Our guides specialize in catching predatory fish – pike, asp, zander (pike-perch), catfish, perch, as well as ide, chub and barbel.

We fish both from the shore and – above all – from fast and safe motor boats, that allow us to efficiently reach the best spots on our rivers. We adapt our services to the needs of our clients – from short, couple-hours-trips “after work”, through full-day fishing, to several-days trips with an overnight stay on deserted river islands.

Guided, lake fishing tours in Poland:

Żarnowieckie lake, Mazury (Masuria), Zegrzyński lake

Even though our clients catch pikes regularly in our domestic waters, for enthusiasts of the largest pikes and perches, we offer trips to the best Polish lake fisheries – Masuria, Drużno and Lake Żarnowieckie. These are the places, where pikes over the magic 100cm are regularly caught!
We cannot guarantee success, but we guarantee that both our clients and guides catch huge fish regularly, and you have a real chance of meeting one meter pike or thick, might perch in our lake fisheries.

Our offer

This offer is primarily dedicated (but not limited) to:

1. Anglers who have long wanted to catch their dream fish and need the help of an experienced expert who will help you choose the right spot, time and lure to tempt a powerful predator to strike! You will learn a lowland river – how to find fishing spots and which methods to you use at certain time and place

2. Fishing enthusiasts, staying in Warsaw for a few days for business or tourism and looking for a guide, who will take them to the best fishing spots and help them catch great catfish, asp, pike or zander

3. Fathers with children who want to experience an unforgettable fishing adventure together

Our offer includes:

  1. Professional care of a fishing guide (in Polish and English)
  2. Possibility of fishing from high-speed motor boats or pontoons, equipped with the most modern fishing electronics
  3. Transportation in a comfortable off-road vehicle from Warsaw to the fishing spot
  4. Full flexibility in choosing the place and time of fishing, as well as the method of organizing the trip
  5. A huge dose of knowledge about the river and everything related to it, including:
  • Learning the basics of navigation on inland waters
  • Learning how to operate the professional sonar

During the trip, we provide:

  1. Water / drinks
  2. Fuel for the boat
  3. Safety vests
  4. Binoculars for optional animal and bird observation (i.e. white-tailed eagles)
  5. Unforgettable experience

Optionally, we also offer:

  1. Lunch / dinner during the trip
  2. Accommodation (usually tents on a wild river island)
  3. Fishing licences (about the rules, read more here)
  4. Rental of fishing equipment (fishing rods, reels, baits and others) adapted to the fishery, existing conditions and the species of fish caught