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Bug – The wildest polish river

The wildest Polish river

The Bug is the wildest and one of the most beautiful rivers in Poland. It is a border river that flows through three countries: Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. The Bug is 772 km long and is part of the Vistula catchment area. On its course, it creates picturesque meanders, islands and oxbow lakes – on very long stretches it flows in an unaltered, natural channel, spreading widely in the spring to the surrounding meadows and fields. It is a paradise for nature lovers and canoeists, and on the banks of Bug you can meet many species of animals and plants that are protected or threatened with extinction.

Bug River is an important historical and cultural route that connects various traditions and customs of the peoples living in its vicinity. On its banks there are numerous monuments, such as castles, palaces, Orthodox churches and churches.

Guided fishing in Bug river in Poland

Bug is a wild and picturesque river, with a changeable character on different sections. Anglers value it for the richness of fish species and the beauty of Bug River nature.

During our trips, we often focus on predatory fish that feed in strong currents and in numerous sand and stone reefs. In such spots, we catch asp and zander both during the day (usually in deep channels and in spots, where the current bends and swirls) as well as in the evenings and at night, when these fish often come out on stony shoals. In the calm current and meanders, we often catch pikes. We also target pike in numerous old river beds and oxbow lakes, fed with water and fish from the river, especially during floods – this is a real empire of pike. These fish here reach impressive sizes, occasionally exceeding even the magic meter in length.

Of course, in Bug we also catch other species of fish: perch, chub, barbel, catfish, and fish of peaceful prey: bream, roach, and in oxbow lakes carp, tench and crucian carp.

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Wild life watching and birding by the Bug river

Watching animals and birds on the Bug River is a great adventure for nature lovers. The Bug is one of the few larger rivers in Europe with an unregulated bed, which makes it very picturesque and rich in various species of fauna and flora. On its shores and islands you can meet beavers, otters, moose, deer and wild boars, as well as over 200 species of water, marsh and forest birds. You can meet here, among others: white and black stork, crane, gray and white heron, white-tailed eagle and osprey, red and black kite, buzzard, peregrine falcon and kestrel. In the spring, the Bug spills over numerous bends, creating an ideal breeding environment for water birds. Observing animals and birds on the Bug is best done from a boat or pontoon, which can be used to quietly approach the places where the animals stay and feed, without disturbing their peace. You can also use a drone, which allows you to take amazing photos from the air.

A particularly attractive place to observe nature is the Bug Landscape Park, which covers part of the Bug valley and protects its unique natural and cultural values. It was established in 1995 to protect the unique landscape and natural values of the Bug valley. The park covers over 30,000 hectares and is divided into three zones: protection, active protection and landscape. In the park you can admire a variety of habitats: riparian forests, peat bogs, meadows, pastures, arable fields and oxbow lakes.

Watching animals and birds on the Bug is not only a pleasure for the eye, but also for the ear. Here you can hear ordinary and unusual sounds of nature: the clatter of storks, the clang of cranes, the tapping of woodpeckers and the singing of many species of birds.

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